Will I have a higher interest rate on future mortgages or will they be harder to obtain?

It all depends on the arrangement between you and the lender.

If you pay them a promissory note for the deficiency, then the damage to your credit will be minimal and you shouldn't have a problem obtaining loans in the future.

If the lender shows "settled for less than the amount due" on your mortgage tradeline, some future lenders will look at that as a foreclosure. Some lenders even report short sales as foreclosures.

Here's what to do: Obtain, in writing, your lenders policies on short sale credit bureau reporting. Then ask your mortgage broker how that affects your ability to qualify in the future.

Generally, when you get a new mortgage, as long as you don't have a foreclosure, bankruptcy, or unsatisfied judgment, your ability to qualify will be the same as it is now (and your credit score needs to stay the same).


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