What challenges have short sales presented for REALTOR?

Limited Experience

Many REALTORS are new to the short sales process; a difficulty which is compounded by many lenders' lack of sufficient and experienced staff to process short sales. Even if the REALTORS are experienced, most servicers are under-staffed and still not adequately trained, making negotiating a short sale particularly difficult.

Absence of a Uniform Process and Application

Until HAFA guidelines were established, both short-sales documents and processes were lender-specific, making it very difficult and time-consuming for REALTORS to become knowledgeable and efficient in facilitating these transactions.

Multiple Lenders

When more than one lender is involved, the negotiations are much more difficult. Second lien holders often hold up the transaction to exert the largest possible payment in exchange for releasing their lien, even though in foreclosure they will get nothing.

As a result of these challenges our members have reported difficulties with unresponsive lenders, lost documents that require multiple submissions, inaccurate or unrealistic home value assessments, and long processing delays, which cause buyers to walk away.


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