Houston TX 77095 Shortsale

Shortsale Details

Anticipated Foreclosure DateMar 6, 2012
First Mortgage
with M & T Bank
Total Owed$275,000.00
Market Value$230,000.00
Accepted by Debt Holders$200,000.00
Time to Negotiate Shortsale7 days

Client Testimonial

Dear Ray, Thank you so much for helping Kathy today. She feels better already. She is our youngest and a real honest sweet girl. Knowing she is with you makes us feel wonderful.

Your are a special, bright perceptive woman we admire and respectvery much. We are doing well. If Kathy needs any help financially we will back her. We offerred to pay the whole fee for her but I guess she wishes to use her own resources so we repect her decision.

By the way I have mentioned you to a few people who would be good clients like a lady named (removed for privacy). I told her to ask for you but do not be disappointed if you refer her to someone else as you were busy and may not be able to take on new clients. Anyway, thanks again Ray, you are truly one of a kind.

Our respect and affection,

Property Location

Property Details

AddressHouston, TX 77095
Subdivision COPPER LAKES

ShortSale Approval Letter

Short Sale Documents