Cypress TX 77433 Shortsale

Shortsale Details

Anticipated Foreclosure DateMar 7, 2013
First Mortgage
with Chase
Second Mortgage
IRS Back Taxes$29,000.00
Total Owed$198,700.00
Market Value$150,000.00
Accepted by Debt Holders$141,200.00
Time to Negotiate Shortsale222 days

Client Testimonial

Vinh Troung and the excellent staff at Houston PreForeclosure helped my wife and I to avoid foreclosure,reduce our debt $60,000, execute a Short Sale and enabled us to exit our home in a timely dignified manner. We were very impressed with Vinh's knowledge and professionalism. We came to appreciate his compassionate understanding of our situation. My wife and I in our early seventies never imagined ourselves in this situation. Vinh Troung and Houston PreForeclosure proved to be the perfect solution. We feel fortunate to have been clients of Houston PreForeclosure and highly recommend them to any and all families who find themselves in these unfortunate, dire circumstances. Respectfully submitted, Allen Hall

Property Location

Property Details

Address Cypress, TX 77433
Subdivision Westgate

ShortSale Approval Letter

Short Sale Documents