Houston TX 77080 Shortsale

Shortsale Details

Anticipated Foreclosure DateMar 1, 2011
First Mortgage
with Bank of America
Second Mortgage
with Bank of America
Total Owed$140,000.00
Market Value$115,000.00
Accepted by Debt Holders$102,000.00
Time to Negotiate Shortsale157 days

Client Testimonial

Dear Ms. Nguyen & Randy Kale,

Thanks for the opportunity to allow myself the information to proceed with the short sale. If you had not explained it, I would of never consider the benefits of actually going through with it.


Have a wonderful day. I look forward to getting the bank to approve this long process



Property Location

Property Details

AddressHouston, TX 77080
CountyHarris County

Beautiful home in spring branch, needs a buyer

ShortSale Approval Letter

Short Sale Documents