Corpus Christi TX 78412 Shortsale

Shortsale Details

Anticipated Foreclosure DateOct 5, 2010
First Mortgage
with Litton Loan Servicing, LP
Total Owed$284,042.00
Market Value$360,000.00
Accepted by Debt Holders$44,042.00
Time to Negotiate Shortsale30 days

Client Testimonial

The short sale was submitted to the lender on April 5, 2010, they ordered the BPO on April 13, 2010.  I spoke with the BPO Agent the same day and emailed them my BPO package for review, which I built from your instruction.  The agent used my values and submitted their BPO to the lender on April 17, 2010. I received a phone call from the Liquidation Specialist at Litton Loan Services, who asked "is 360K your best offer?" I said, "yes, it is my best and final offer.” May 12, 2010 I received the acceptance letter from Wells Fargo and closed on May 26, 2010.  Paid $360K for a house with a value of $360K and loan balance of $600K.

Thanks for the postponing the sale and getting this approval in 47 days!

Property Location

Property Details

AddressCorpus Christi, TX 78412
SubdivisionSouth Shore Estate
County Nueces



ShortSale Approval Letter

Short Sale Documents